The WaterMate takes your greywater
& scrubs it clean, ready for use in your garden irrigation system.

Every time you take a shower, brush your teeth or wash clothes a tremendous amount of water goes down the drain and into your sewerage system, water that could be keeping you grass green and flowers blooming. Enter the WaterMate, a device proven in 40 countries to filter and clean approximately two thirds of your waste water ready for use in your drip feeder irrigation system.

Anyone living in an area with water restrictions in the summer knows how barren you lawn and garden become after only a few days without moisture, the watermate can deliver irrigation to a minimum of 100 square metre area, giving you a completely safe, clean and environmentally conscious way to keep your garden looking lush all year round.

How It works

  1. Greywater from showers, handbasins and washing machines is diverted from your drain to the watermate
  2. The Watermate automatically detects water flow and starts filtering foreign particles out of the liquid.
  3. The filtered water is pumped into your garden irrigation system delivered to directly to lawns and plants as they need it.

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